What’s up, brew?

You know those giant, faceless multinational corporations that manufacture tea in mega factories? We're not like them. We're small. And we have faces.

We started in 2018 with a simple goal – to help more people discover and enjoy great tea. Want to get to know us better? Why not tell us about yourself?

b01 small.jpg

This is Mr. B. He is a black belt in Jeet Kune Do, and is always open to trying a new tea. Even if its name has the word “pumpkin” in it. We don’t see him much at office. If you spot him out in the wild, send him our way. Tell him we have some new teas for him to sample.


c01 small.jpg

Meet C. Some say that he only ever speaks in complete sentences. And that if you give him a cup of Wodehouse Tea, he’ll sip it in slow motion, to the background score of Strauss. All we know is, he really doesn’t like the taste of sugar.

p01 small.jpg

Comrade P likes Pchai with a silent ‘P’. His claim to fame is that he once drank sixty four cups of chai on a single day in summer. We believe him. Especially since our inventory of that specific tea went mysteriously low that month. He says he didn’t raid the store, and that he was with Ali bhai at the time. We don’t believe him.

r01 small.jpg

Most people are fond of R because of his sketchy character; he can sketch you practically anything in no time at all, and it always has character. Offer him Kerala-style spiced tea, and he’s fairly easy to please.