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Supplier Transparency

In any industry, transparency around suppliers makes it possible for workers, local communities, NGOs, and consumers, to better understand how the supply chain works. This in turn makes it easier to monitor how social and environmental standards are being managed, and if something goes wrong, to understand what the issue is and how to fix it.

Traditionally though, businesses have seen supplier information as proprietary and confidential, and it is often among their most closely guarded secrets, especially from competitors. Breaking away from this norm is a practice that first started several years ago in the fashion industry, but tea businesses have been slow to catch up.

In fact, up until just about six months ago, none of the largest tea manufacturing giants (who have been in business for decades) had published details about their suppliers. At Wodehouse Tea, we'd like to do this differently. Right from the outset, we're publishing a list of the tea gardens and estates from where our teas are sourced.

Who grows our tea? We're disclosing this information right from the outset.

Who grows our tea? We're disclosing this information right from the outset.

Currently, this is a small list which will be updated and maintained right in this post here. Moving forward, as our business and our catalogue grows, it is our goal to make this a more detailed database, which includes information such as acreage, number of workers, and gender data, among other things.

We only source tea from growers who ensure that they hold their social and environmental practices to high standards such as the Ethical Tea Partnership. Transparency about who these growers are is a first step in helping them -- and our customers -- along the journey towards more sustainable and fair practices.

Current Sources: (Last updated January 2019)

Chota Tingrai Tea Estate, Tinsukia 786125, Assam, India
Guranse Tea Estate, Dhankuta 56800, Nepal
Ilam Tea Estate, Ilam 57300, Nepal
Oaks Tea Estate, Sonada 734209, West Bengal, India
Temi Tea Estate, South Sikkim 737126, Sikkim, India
Turzum Tea Garden, Darjeeling 734214, West Bengal, India