What would you like to chai today?

Black Tea

The black teas in the Wodehouse Tea collection offer the headiest, boldest flavours.This makes them great with breakfast and also through the day (just like a good Bob Dylan song). Our Assam black teas in particular are delicious with a spot of milk to complement their malty taste.

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Oolong teas (a.k.a. "wulong" in Mandarin, meaning "black dragon") are less oxidised than black teas but more than green teas. Wodehouse Tea's oolong collection features some of the finest Darjeeling teas in the world, with a unique combination of the fruity, floral notes and sweet, toasted flavours. Enter the dragon today, and bring a friend oolong.

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Green Tea

Naturally loaded with more polyphenols and vitamins than any other type of tea, Wodehouse Tea's range of green teas are better than any motivational poster ever made, because our teas actually do charge you up. And unlike posters, they taste delicious.

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White Tea

Comprised entirely of tender, hand-picked buds, Wodehouse Tea's collection of white teas offers the most sublime, delicate flavours to be found anywhere. It takes over 12,000 buds from the most prized harvests to make a single kilogram of our white teas. More refreshing than an energy drink made for angels. And with much, much less caffeine.

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