Livingstone Assam Black Tea

Livingstone Assam Black Tea

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According to Neil Gaiman, given a choice between Armageddon and tea, one doesn't ask, "which tea?" But a patron once wrote to us that if she couldn't have Livingstone Assam, she'd rather have Armageddon. We gather she quite liked the brisk, malty flavour. Still, we agree with Mr. G: if it's A vs T, any T will do. All other times, pick WT.

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Taste / Aroma: Malt, toasted nuts, floral notes.

Infusion: amber.

Caffeine: medium


Brewing Suggestion:
3.5 teaspoons (2 grams) per 150 ml (5 oz) cup.
Steep for 5 minutes at 85-90°C / 185-195°F.
Serve plain, iced, or with milk / lemon, sugar, or honey.