Vespucci Darjeeling Black Tea

Vespucci Darjeeling Black Tea

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A sprinkler on a hot summer day. Humour in a tax attorney. Refreshing. But a funny lawyer while one is scorching in the sun, or a drencher when filing a tax return? Not so much. Vespucci Darjeeling on the other hand? Mmm... The mellow flavour. The smooth notes of fennel. Refreshing. Always. Try it on your lawyer after spraying him down, and see for yourself.

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Taste / Aroma: Citrus, sweet spice, floral notes.

Infusion: golden yellow

Caffeine: medium


Brewing Suggestion:
2.5 teaspoons (2 grams) per 150 ml (5 oz) cup.
Steep for 5 minutes at 85-90°C / 185-195°F.
Serve plain, or with lemon, sugar, or honey.