Yuri Darjeeling Oolong Tea

Yuri Darjeeling Oolong Tea

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What could be smoother than Norah Jones in a silk gown, crooning a ballad while lounging on a divan made of melting vanilla ice cream? Two of her, doing the same thing. Or a cup of Yuri oolong. Hints of spice and citrus lead on to honeyed undertones, and an experience that whispers, "smooooooth".

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Taste / Aroma: greens, floral and fruity notes.

Infusion: champagne

Caffeine: medium


Brewing Suggestion:
2 teaspoons (2 grams) per 150 ml (5 oz) cup.
Steep for 5 minutes at 80-85°C / 175-185°F.
Serve plain or with lemon and sugar.