Why Wodehouse Tea?


Have you noticed how, when you ask someone a good question, they never answer it without first saying, “Good question”? Well, if you find yourself asking why you should try Wodehouse Tea, we won’t tell you that that’s a good question (even though it is). Instead, to answer that, we ask you to consider another question: what's the difference between an ordinary tea and an extraordinary one?

We believe it's that little bit extra.

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Wholesome, whole-leaf tea.

The health benefits of tea are well known. In fact, there are more than 1,000 published research studies documenting all the advantages of tea. But there are also concerns over many of the pesticides used in growing tea. At Wodehouse Tea, all our products are organically grown. So the only thing you get from your cuppa is the delicious goodness of catechins. (Sorry, no capuchins though.)

Protect freshness. And the environment.

Our specially designed temperature-controlled storage preserves tea perfectly at 20–25°C. And while we admire fancy glass bottles and metal cans as much as anyone, our vacuum packing and resealable zip-lock pouches ensure unmatched freshness. They also lead to CO2 emissions that are over 11 times and 14 times lower than metal and glass, respectively. Win, win. Take a bow, and a sip.

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Heavenly taste. Down-to-earth traditions.

Nobody likes a tea snob. You know the type: those who can't enjoy a cuppa without lecturing you on how your recipe is wrong. At Wodehouse Tea, our mission is to help more people enjoy great tea. And to show that one doesn’t need to be an “expert” to do so. It’s why we keep things simple: we find lovely new teas, and leave the rest to you. After all, nobody is better buds with your taste buds than you.